10 Ways To Improve The Banner Ad Design And Enhance The Click Through Rate

The more businesses are going online, the more banner Ad advertising is becoming popular. Web designers need to know what kind of design is better for banner Ad in terms of effectiveness. There are several guidelines that web designers should consider to get the desired response from the customers as well as to have greater impact over the click through rate.


This piece of writing will reveal some important guidelines, as recommended by a reputed web design agency Glasgow, to help the web designers in banner Ad design as well as receiving greater click through rate.

1. Purpose Needs To Be Defined At First:

What’s the main purpose of banner Ad design? Do you want more website traffic or to get more leads? Is that an affiliate Ad or a free report? Many web designers never think about the purpose of the Ad, so the end product is usually not that much effective. The main thing is to consider what response is expected from the Ad? What is the main purpose of click through? Whether the intention is to download an eBook or some report? Then, what’s the way to attract the targeetd audience? Is there any special landing page designed for that purpose? This question needs to be answered in advance before getting started with the deisgning process. 

2. What’s The Real Message To Be Conveyed Through Banner Ad?

Other than just the designing elements given due consideration in the process of creating banner Ad, the message to be conveyed matters a lot. Many banner Ads aren’t desigend creatively, but they have been creating real business for the websites. Experts say that a good Ad copy is 99% more response generating than the graphic design of that Ad. Choose the words rightly to convey the real message to the targeted audience.

3. Short And Simple Words Convey The Right Message:

The content of the banner Ads shoud be concise and to the point. There is no need to brag more data into the banner Ad. Despite being short, the message should be a clear call to action. Every banner Ad should carry information about one call to action showing one benefit. If there are too many call to actions, the prospect will get confused. It will also affect the click through rate negatively.

Appealing graphic design comes at second place after the message. Better to acquire the services of a professional copywriter who have exerience of writing good PPC Ads. The writer should have the ability to convey full message in just few words.

4.Make Wise Selection Of The Colours:

The selection of the colours to be used in the banner Ads should be made such a way that it could appeal to the targeted customers. The use of right colours in the Ad increases the effectiveness of the message conveyed. You can test two different Ads with different colours.

5.Simplicity Rules The Hearts:

Fancy designs might seem good for printed Ads or websites, but for banner Ads, simplicity is the way to go. Simple design doesn’t mean an ordinary design, but an attractive one that could appeal to the targeted audience.

6. Images Should Be Relevant:

Graphics or pictures used at a banner Ad should be compelling and relevant. Many stock photography sites offer free images while many others offer high quality images at low rates. Keep in mind that it takes just 2 seconds to grab the attention of the Ad audience, so a designer should know how to best utilize those two seconds.

7.Fonts And Text To Be Legible:

As the banner Ad occupies small area, so the fonts and text used at the Ad should be legible. For websites, arial and verdana are the popular font styles because of great legibility. Script fonts are better to be used at larger banner Ads, but still one shoud be cautious while using them. Hard to read fonts make the Ad tough to be understood by the prospects.

8. Make The Ads Interactive:

If there is interactivity provided at the banner Ad, it will enhance the click through rate. If the visitors are asked to fill a survey form, answer a question, or become part of the poll, it will enhance the inateractivity and will give a real boost to the click through rate. However, the interaction tools should be used in complete relevance with the banner Ads. If motion graphics are added to the banner Ads, it increases the overall banner cost.

9.  Make Right Use Of Animation:

Animation should be used just to enhance the banner message. If animation is used for the sake of animation, it would be totally useless, which affects the click through rate badly. Animated gif banner Ads, as used in 90s, afffect the design of the banner Ad greatly. There should be some clear purpose of the animation used at a banner Ad.

10.  Change The Design If Needed:

This should be done after looking at the results of the banner Ad design once made live. Google Analytics can be a good tool to know the traffic coming at a website through the banner Ad and its click through rate.

One can test the banner Ads through A/B testing. Facebook Ads and Google Ads can also be checked the same way. Many websites also provide some tracking software to help determine how the website traffic navigates.

Design of the banner Ads should be made such a way that it could appeal to the targeted audiences, boost the website traffic, and support great conversion rate. Only expert and professional designers can provide the banner Ad design that is appealing as well as yielding for the business.

Emma Jones

This post is written by Emma Jones, a professional writer, working with a well-known web design agency Edinburgh and web design agency Glasgow. Emma also loves to travel and explore new places. Spending quality time with family and friends is what she can not ignore despite fulfilling professional commitments.

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